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Excavation & Site Contractors in Bradenton, FL

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When looking for excavation & site contractors in Bradenton, FL, you should only work with certified, experienced professionals who can demonstrate their reliability. Our team has decades of experience in contracting, and we are always able to provide clients with proof of licensure, insurance, and certification. 

Helping you get the best deal on contracting is only one of our goals. What’s more important is ensuring that every client that chooses CC Civil gets the absolute best quality in terms of parts, labor, and expertise. 

Our Specialties


    • Multifamily apartment complexes
    • Townhome communities 
    • Subdivisions 
    • Industrial warehouse parks 
    • Civil roadway construction

Complete Site Construction in Bradenton, FL


We are happy to offer a wide range of construction services to our clients throughout Bradenton, FL. Our team strategizes with you from the start to ensure that your project’s timeline is never thrown off course.

Site Clearing


Prepping a site for construction requires professional site clearing in Bradenton. We ensure that your land is free of any debris, dirt, hazards, trees, or anything else you don’t want on-site before your contractors arrive. 

Using the latest technology and high-grade equipment, we can prep sites that will be used for a wide range of purposes, including residential property development and industrial uses. 

Excavation & Earthwork


Excavation is vital to a new construction project, and our earthwork services ensure that you will have the perfect terrain to start building on. The process includes digging to the required depth for different buildings, laying trenches for utility lines, removing rubble, soil, and sediment, and leveling terrain as needed. 

We can also create areas for various parts of your construction, such as a parking lot, pool, or garden. When building roads, earthwork tends to be the most important and expensive part of construction. 

We understand how valuable this investment is, which is why we go out of our way to make sure our results are highly durable, long-lasting, and completely compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations. 



Behind the scenes, your building’s utility lines will play a crucial role in both the safety and security of people onsite. We are licensed utility contractors in Bradenton, FL, who can install a wide range of plumbing systems, including sanitary sewers, storm drainage, gutters, and underground firelines. 

Whether you need industrial utilities or services for a subdivision, we can help. Our contractors can also monitor utility lines during road construction to prevent disruption to neighboring properties.

Roadway Construction


From building a new parking lot to creating an entire highway, the team at CC Civil knows roadwork. We employ a team of in-house specialists who can oversee the complete construction of your project. 

We craft roadways that are highly durable, safe, and effective for communities. Ultimately, we ensure that every asphalt project is designed with people in mind. This means delivering exceptional results that protect drivers and pedestrians.

As governments work to improve the quality of their county roadways, they can turn to us for the best concrete contracting services around.

Commercial Asphalt & Paving


Asphalt and paving are important services that ensure safe transportation and even weather protection. From driveways and parking lots to garages to public and private roads, our asphalt installation, seal coating, and repair services are unmatched.

You can expect a dedicated team of highly skilled asphalt contractors to handle all your needs. Using the highest quality materials and best tools in the business, we ensure a pristine, smooth finish that stands up to harsh weather and heavy use for years to come.

Curb & Gutter Installation


Our curb and gutter services will protect your property and ensure it’s both beautiful to look at and safe to navigate. Curbs are far more than just a place to designate parking zones; they play an essential role in controlling runoff from water, diverting it safely away from roads and properties to prevent floods. 

Coupled with gutters and storm drainage systems, you need commercial concrete services in Bradenton, FL, to ensure your property or community has the best level of protection against storms.

The CC Civil Commitment 


Unwavering Support


Our team is entirely dedicated to your success. We work side by side with our clients and their contractors to ensure a timely competition for every project. If you have questions or simply want more details on a service, we are always here for you. 

Dedication to Safety


Nothing is more important to us than keeping our staff and clients. In addition to holding multiple OSHA certifications, we also conduct routine training and daily “Toolbox Talks”  to ensure that our team is using the best practices on every job. 

Experienced Professionals


Unlike many other contracting companies, we only hire and employ our own team. That means you never have to worry about uncertified, unlicensed, or inexperienced subcontractors working on your project. When you choose us, you are being served by a team that has been trained, vetted, and licensed to perform their jobs.

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Please schedule an appointment with the team at CC Civil today if you would like to speak with an experienced contractor. We are always available to answer your questions and provide estimates for the work you need to be completed. You can also call us at +1 (813) 956-8821 anytime.

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