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Excavation & Site Contractors in Sarasota, FL

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If you are looking for excavation & site contractors in Sarasota, FL, then you can’t get better than our team. At CC Civil, we only use our own crew for dirt, pipe, concrete, and roadwork to ensure you never have to worry about unreliable or inexperienced subcontractors on your property. With our dedication to quality, commitment to safety, and integrity, we help developers throughout Sarasota with long-lasting results. Our work is backed by OSHA certifications, clear and fixed timelines, and excellent reporting. You can always count on us to deliver exceptional results and even better customer service. Our team is here to help you reach your construction goals on time at the best price.

Our Specialties

  • Multifamily apartment complexes
  • Townhome communities
  • Subdivisions
  • Industrial warehouse parks
  • Civil roadway construction

Complete Site Construction in Sarasota

When you are developing a new site in Sarasota, FL, you need to work with experienced construction professionals who understand the nuances of this preparatory stage. Rather than leaving work to a general contractor who likely employs subcontractors, you can turn to our dedicated team that is entirely in-house. We do not outsource work or ever bring anyone who isn’t an employee on your site. Instead, we use our own team and the highest quality tools and machinery to perform a full range of site contracting services.

Site Clearing

We help make the preplanning stage of your site development easy thanks to our site clearing services. This is a challenging phase for even experienced developers since a contractor’s production can cost them thousands if it doesn’t move fast enough. Right from the start, we develop a clear timeline with measurable objectives to make sure your development starts when it’s meant to. We want to help you lower site preparation costs so you can invest as much as you can into your actual property. Our focuses are on durability and longevity, giving your future property the foundation it needs to withstand anything. Thanks to a team of highly trained, licensed contractors, we offer site clearing to remove dirt, debris, trees, and anything else you need removed from your site. We handle the complete removal and disposal of all waste so your site is completely clean and ready for your contractors to start building.

Excavation & Earthwork

Earthwork is vital to prepping the ground for multifamily, highway, railway, industrial, and subdivision development. Thanks to our services, you can minimize costs while ensuring your land is 100% safe and ready for construction to begin. Led by experienced excavators, our earthwork in Sarasota, FL, reshapes your site’s terrain to suit your future building’s needs. We will coordinate with you and your developer to prep your site for construction work.


In addition to clearing sites and preparing them, we also handle commercial installation for various plumbing systems. As utility contractors in Sarasota, FL, we are licensed and certified to offer these essential plumbing services:
  • Sanitary sewer installation
  • Storm drainage solutions
  • Underground fireline installation
  • Potable water systems

Roadway Construction

Building a roadway is one of the most complex construction projects, and working with someone who understands the nuances of such a massive job is vital. Our team has proudly coordinated with municipal governments and local authorities to perform extensive roadwork and construction throughout Florida. From parking lots to DOT highways, we have the experience, equipment, and expertise to handle all roadway projects. We use FDOT-qualified road construction teams to guarantee quality, durability, and safety in all projects.

Commercial Asphalt & Paving

Do you need someone to provide commercial asphalt in Sarasota, FL? Our team of concrete contractors can handle all jobs, ranging from single parking lots in an office building to full-scale community development. We can pave, shape, and refine your community’s sidewalks, roadways, and walkways. We hold weekly meetings with all of our teams to ensure total compliance with local, state, and federal government agencies.

Curb & Gutter Installation

Our concrete curb contractors can handle any project’s curb and gutter installation. We ensure proper height and length in accordance with government requirements. Our team is able to install all curb types, including barrier, mountable, and monolithic curbs. Through professional gutter installation, we ensure proper drainage to eliminate the risk of water damage to your foundation or lawns.

The CC Civil Commitment

Unwavering Support

We will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are given the most important details about your project. We value communication with our customers and always keep them in the loop about the status of a project.

Dedication to Safety

We are fully dedicated to ensuring that our crew and clients remain safe at all times. Using the latest tools, technology, and daily “Toolbox Talks,” our team always performs according to OSHA standards. Feel free to request copies of our certifications at any time.

Experienced Professionals

We don’t hire subcontractors to perform our work. Instead, we only hire hardworking, qualified professionals to become a part of our team. Our clients can always rest assured that our team has been screened, trained, and properly licensed for the work they perform.

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